OK, blog established, what next?

So, I decided to keep the blog here and I gave it a sexy new name, icct (Internet, Communication, Civilization and Technology). Blogspot service I find to be very good for a new blogger - you have good looking templates and the user is given almost total control over them, you can edit the CSS/HTML code for the template that your blog pages are made of. Livejournal on its side would have some community features but I think you can replace them with many other, and more powerful means, like simple web links, the bloglines.com service etc. On the other hand if you know some other nice blog service providers, I could try them out as well (vuodatus.net could be one candidate).

What is this blog about? Well I have a strong background not only in unix, but a bunch of humanities as well, so time to time this blog would contain philosophical ponderings and overviews. In addition to that there would be market analysis and speculation, and then the usual techno stuff about new gadgets, software and projects I have some connection to. Plus maybe some more personal stuff. I plan to cover at least the Internet as a communication medium (www, blogs, irc...) and various mobile devices (the Nokia 770 being all the buzz right now). This all will be pretty much unix-oriented. But needless to say, I have not yet identified my own blogging niche and things will evolve.

Blogging by its nature is a social, two-way thing. This blog will involve friendships through IRC, other blogs, web forums, IRL/work... and I will write about a few things that all these people - that is, you, the readers of this blog - also find interesting. If you have any ideas about this, please leave a comment below!

This blog is not a news site, in other words my purpose is not to follow the day's latest buzz. For example I did not report this rumour about a successor to the Nokia 770 being made with a QWERTY keyboard, as this was not substantiated, did not contain much information and was just to be expected anyway... Instead I see the blog as more like a magazine, containing detailed discussion and analysis, and trying to interpret the various nuggets of information and to tie them together. I plan to keep udpating the blog 2-3 times a week, but only if I have something worth saying, so time will show :-)


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