Pepper Pad vs Microsoft Origami

Apparently quite like the Microsoft Origami, the Pepper Pad is different in the respects that it runs MontaVista Linux (the most widespread embedded Linux variant) and also that it is a real product, available on the market now, and not only a marketing video. Like the Microsoft Origami, and unlike the Nokia 770, it is rather large so you won't be inclined to carry it with you everywhere you go. Nevertheless, Mobile Tech Review has a nice review of the Pepper Pad (see the link above). Its advantages are the good display, performance, ease of use, security, etc. Also very interesting is the remote control application which is organized by context: in the cable TV watching context it can remotely control all the devices you need for watching cable TV, while in the DVD watching context it would control all the devices you need for watching DVD, and so on. It seems that the Pepper Pad has been met with moderate success already as there is an upgraded model in the works.

More info on the Origami is available here

These are too large devices to be classified as pads, but would better go into the bulkier category of tablets, together with with tablet PCs. With Apple and Intel probably working on their own products in similar vein, the product space around pads and tablets will be vibrant in the near future.


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