Nokia 770 vs UMPC, part 1

The Nokia 770 Internet Tablet has created a good deal of excitement since it first entered the market in early November 2005. Most readers are probably familiar with this device but this post will give the essentials to the rest. The 770 measures 141 x 79 x 19 mm and weighs 230 g. The cost is around 360 euros. It is a general purpose mobile computing device that runs Linux. With its 800x480 screen it's best suited for web browsing but here's a list of major uses you can put the device into:

  • E-mail
  • News reading (RSS feeds)
  • Instant messaging
  • mp3 playing
  • Video playing
  • Image viewing
  • Games
  • E-book reading
  • Word processing
  • Note-taking
  • Remote access for computers (SSH, VNC)
  • GPS navigation
  • Voice calls via Internet, VoIP (coming in 2006)

Link: Official Nokia site for the 770

The UMPC is a similar concept which also has created hype recently but also massive controversy. These devices are provided by multiple manufacturers, though no products are yet on the market. They measure about 230 x 140 x 25 mm and weigh around 800-900 g. The marketing department apparently wanted to alter the average consumer's perception that this device is rather large and heavy - to the point of not being a mobile device at all - and therefore gave the device its name "Ultra-Mobile PC" (UMPC). No details on pricing are available yet but it is likely to be around 800-1000 euros. Screen resolutions and use cases are very similar to the Nokia 770. The UMPC devices will run a reworked version of Windows XP and are based on common PC components - the first technology providers here are Microsoft and Intel.

Link: Official Intel site for the UMPC

Both types of device use a stylus-like pen and a touch screen, together with some buttons, for control. In the future they will likely feature QWERTY keyboards as well. Similar options are provided for connectivity as well: 802.11b/g and bluetooth wireless, USB, memory card.

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