UMPC power, Web 2.0 - recent link roundup

Chippy has posted an analysis of UMPC power consumption. The conclusion is that the display makes up a good deal of the power consumed. This probably applies to devices like Nokia 770 as well, and may explain why the display usually doesn't seem to cover as much of the device's surface as would seem theoretically possible. Perhaps the vendors should develop smarter software which would be more adaptive to real usage and context, turning off the display more aggressively for applications on which you will just take a quick look, and keep it on longer for applications where you tend to stare - such as e-book reading or mahjongg.

An interesting background on the UMPC scene are the Wintel camp's attempts to develop power-saving technology (or in the case of Microsoft and ACPI, to break it). Meanwhile, other vendors like VIA and AMD have taken (again) the role of technology leader in these areas. The Register recently commented on the performance per watt and multicore developments by Intel. In Chippy's carrypad blog you can read about VIA's CPU+chipset offering for UMPC-like platforms. AMD is bringing up desktop CPUs that cut power consumption (ie. heat dissipation) by about 60-70% for next summer, a welcome move for people who are thinking about putting together new PC systems.

Collin R. Mulliner noticed that some UMPC devices will incorporate a Windows Security Button. Hopefully future versions of the button will help users to tackle security problems on Windows, like disable Internet Explorer perhaps?

In other news, CNN has written a list of 25 web 2.0 companies which just might turn out to become the next-generation Google or Microsoft.

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