Details of 2006 OS revealed

Nokia today gave us some more information on what is going to be included in the software update for Nokia 770 Internet tablet. Mostly the new version concentrates on improved infrastructure, making Maemo a much stronger development platform. There will be support for VoIP, instant messaging, and surprisingly, video conferencing. I wonder where they will get the camera from?

There will be a new application installer and Java is going to be supported. However as they titled this documentation as a roadmap, it is likely that all these features will develop and be released gradually over time. In line with the classical open source style, they even included a line welcoming help and contributions for the project. Fingers crossed that we get usable VoIP before Christmas...

The used open source software components/frameworks are named, so this is an interesting read for Linux software developers. Apparently Nokia is not going to keep us in the dark, but we can get our hands on the new platform features well before they are launched into the mass-market limelight.

Link: Maemo Development Platform Roadmap

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At 11:10, Anonymous Andrew Flegg said...

I didn't get that Java was supported. The comment about other language bindings was mentioning Java as a possibility, if it was ported.

Unless there's something very welcome I've missed...



At 17:17, Blogger Varis said...

You are probably right - the text reads: "Enable other languages beside C for writing UI applications (Python, java, C++ binding for Hildon widget set)".

So this is about enabling java for GUI. But it's a bit funny as it would require java, which is not mentioned in the other parts. As one of the most common programming languages, it would be a major addition to the platform, so they most likely would not hide it under the rug...


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