Nokia and Google make it official; AMD gets cooler

Nokia and Google announced today their partnership in relation to the Nokia 770, which will implement VoIP functionality in the form of Google Talk. So it turns out that this upgrade does not involve hardware after all, and it looks like future internet tablet devices from Nokia are still at least 6-9 months away. However, the press release seems to imply that the 2006 OS update for the 770 is just around the corner (well anyway, there's just 1.5 months left to Q2 of 2006). Speculation of course will continue on how deep-reaching the partnership of Nokia and Google is, and people are coming up with interesting scenarios.

AMD also strengthened its long-standing technology leadership in PC processors by announcing its new energy-efficient desktop processors - a product line that has been technically stable for a few months already. In our times, dual core CPUs with desktop performance and a 35 watt Thermal Design Power should be worthy of standing applause! These CPUs will no doubt find their place in the stylish mini-PC designs and with all home builders who value low noise, low power consumption and low room temperature. Apparently the CPUs will be available in the next week or two, and now we are only waiting for Tom's Hardware to run a nice review of motherboards with AM2 socket support to build our new cool PCs for the summer...

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At 21:21, Blogger Varis said...

For a brief overview of various upcoming technology - like faster HyperTransport - from AMD for the next year or so, see The Register's article on the new CPUs.


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